Season 2020 Announcement

Dear Ecclestone Pool Families,
        We hope that everyone in the ECC community is healthy and safe.  Usually, around this time of year, you receive an email regarding registration for the upcoming season.  As with everything these days, we have to be patient and see what the coming weeks and months will bring.  Directives given to us by the provincial and municipal governments will determine if and when we are permitted to safely open and what shape the season will take.  As additional information concerning the 2020 season becomes available, we will communicate it to you.  The committee continues to meet (virtually) to plan for a hopeful eventual opening, and members of the executive committee are in contact with the town of Kirkland.  We are optimistic, but the health and safety of all our members and staff is the priority.  A special thank you to our members who are on the front lines providing essential services.  Wishing all our members health and safety during these unprecedented times.
The Ecclestone Pool Committee.

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