Employment opportunity!

We are looking to fill one Senior or Intermediate position. If you are energetic, enthusiastic, like to take on challenges and love to work at an outdoor pool, you might just be the person we need!

If you are interested, please send your CV to: spalmen4@gmail.com

Registration for summer 2017!

The registration for the 2017 season will be held on Saturday, May 6th from 1pm to 3pm at the Ecclestone Park chalet. Come see the lifeguards!

Join us with your registration form.

See you soon!

Leaders clothing order form 2017

You can place your order for Leaders clothing right now. Download and fill in the LEADERS ORDER FORM now!

Winter Carnival 2017

Happy New Year, ECC! We have TWO events coming up to ring in 2017- both are happening as part of the Kirkland Winter Carnival.

First is the Amazing Survivor Factor Race! Members age 7 and up can join our first-ever ECC Team. The race will be at Meades Park on Thursday, January 26 starting at 5:30pm. The cost is 5$ and that low price even includes supper! Email us at ecclestoneevents@gmail.com if you’d like to register on our team. Please check your email for an ECC newsflash which contains all the details.

Next, we have our 2nd annual “ECC on Ice”! Join us at the Ecclestone Chalet and rink from 1pm-3pm on Sunday, January 29 for a skate, a snack and some catching up with your summer friends! We hope to see you there.

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