Finn’s canteen has a little something for everyone. We are always trying to bring in different items, we appreciate all your suggestions.

Remember that all the profits made in the Canteen stay right here at your pool, so volunteer to keep the Canteen open longer hours! Any questions or comments contact the Canteen.

Finn’s healthy picks$ Prices
Yogurt Parfait $2.50
Finn’s morning delight sandwich $2.50
Finn’s wrap $2.50
Finn’s pannini $2.50
Finn’s smoothie $2.00
Mexican Wednesday$ Prices
Homemade guacamole and tortillas $2.50
Salsa and tortilla $2.50
Quesadillas $2.50
Snack Food$ Prices
Rice Krispy Squares $0.50
Chips $1.00
Muffin $1.50
Candy$ Prices
Double lollies $0.25
Dinosaurs $0.50
Big foots $0.50
Sour keys $0.50
Gummy Bears $0.50
JuJubes $0.50
Welches gummies $0.50
Ring pops $0.50
Skittles $1.50
Chocolate Bars $1.50
Freezer$ Prices
TCBY $2.50
Freezies $0.50
Hot Foods$ Prices
Bagel $1.00
Bagel cream cheese $1.50
Toasted bread (2 slices) $1.00
Cup of noodles $1.50
Grilled cheese $1.50
Pogo $1.00
Pizza pocket (pepperoni) $1.00
Drinks$ Prices
Coffee $1.00
Tea $1.00
Hot Chocolate $0.50
Soft Drinks $1.00
Iced tea $1.00
Water Bottle $1.00
Juice box $0.50
Chocolate milk $1.00


Question: How can I help?

Answer: Moms or Dads can work a shift in the canteen. Not only are you helping the pool, it is certainly a great way to meet other members of the pool. The more volunteers we have, the more hours the Canteen can be opened to serve ECC’s members

Question: Does the Canteen take donations?

Answer: Yes. Any donated products that you think we can sell, use or raffle at our summer events a greatly appreciated.

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