Nothing to do this summer? Give us a hand.

Ecclestone Pool is run entirely by volunteers. Membership fees cover the lifeguard’s salaries and the maintenance of the pool.

The larger our volunteer base is, the better our circle of success is: the better the pool, the more members we attract, the more members, the lower the fees, the lower the fees, the happier the members…

Volunteering benefits you, your children and the pool. The volunteer opportunities are endless in their nature and duration. Be creative: volunteer as a family, with a friend, as a group. If you see an area that needs improvement please chip in and give our community pool a hand.

We are always looking for the following:

Committee Positions Summertime
President (executive) Photographers
Vice-President (executive) Barbecuers
Treasurer (executive) Canteen shift
Secretary (executive) Timers
Registrar Ribbon givers
Fundraising Stroke and turn judges
Maintenance Referees
Social Starters
Webmaster Score keepers
Communications Gardeners
Promotions Organize one social event
Ombudsman Deliver pamphlets
Clothing & Trophies Leaders (12 years of age)
Canteen Director Spring clean-up/Fall clean-up
Make one up if you see a need
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