Our Staff 2012

Our 2012 Staff

Meighan – Manager
MeighanHey everyone! My name is Meighan, it will be my 7th summer at ECC but my second summer managing. I winter swam for a while and did 9 years of competitive winter synchro, so I will be coaching swim team and lots of synchro this summer, and I can’t wait! Right now I’m in my third year at Concordia University in education. I am super excited for the summer, and am really looking forward to seeing all returning members and getting to know all new ones!!
Sabrina – Assistant Manager
SabrinaHi ECC, my name is Sabrina, and this will be my sixth summer working at Ecclestone. This summer I will be returning as the Assistant Manager. I have completed my third year at McGill University in the Education program. I love to swim and I can’t wait to coach the 8 and under swim team again!! I am looking forward to a summer full of fun in the sun and I can’t wait to see everyone again!
Ashley – Senior Supervisor
AshleyHi everyone! My name is Ashley and this will be my fifth summer at Ecclestone pool where I will be working as a Senior Supervisor. I will be attending Bishops University in the spring, majoring in the English Literature program. I was a competitive diver for the CAMO diving club for many years. Since my first summer at Ecclestone, I have been the coaching the diving team and I look forward to the experience once again. I’m extremely excited for the fun of summer to begin, to see all the returning members as well as the new ones!
Michael – Senior Supervisor
MichaelHey guys it`s Michael and I’m back for my fifth summer at Ecclestone as a Senior Supervisor. I am 19 years old and just graduated from John Abbott College and next year I’ll be heading to McGill in engineering.  Swimming is my favourite sport and this past year I competed again with the John Abbott swim team. I am looking forward to another awesome summer filled with great memories, including reclaiming my Mini-Olympic Championship. So let’s have some fun practices, swim meets and who could forget… fun days!
Tara – Senior Supervisor
TaraHey everyone! I’m Tara, this will be my fifth summer back at Ecclestone as a senior supervisor. I winter swam for many years on the pointe-claire swim team. I’ve always loved swimming which is why I can’t wait to come back and coach again. I am about to start my first year at Bishop’s university, but not before I have another great summer at Ecclestone. I’ve always had amazing summers at the pool and I’m excited to have an even better one this year!
Madi – Senior Lifeguard
MadiHi everyone! I’m Madi and it will be my fourth summer at ECC as a senior lifeguard. I am currently in my second semester at John Abbott College in the Social Science program. I am really excited to come back this summer and coach an awesome synchro team! I had a lot of fun last summer and can’t wait for this summer!
Keli – Senior Lifeguard
KeliHey everyone:) My name is Keli, and this will be my 4th summer at ECC as a senior! I did swimming for a couple of years and moved on to synchro which I have been doing for 10 years now at Dollard Synchro. So I will be coaching swim team and synchro this summer once again! I am currently in my first year at John Abbott College. I have so many amazing memories from the previous years at ECC and can’t wait to make some new ones! I am excited to see everybody again and to meet the new members joining the ECC family! Let’s make this a great summer!
Adam – Senior Lifeguard
AdamHi guys! My name is Adam and this is going to be my second summer at ECC. I am going to be coming back this year as a Senior Lifeguard. I’m 19 years old and currently in my graduating semester at John Abbott College in the Science program. In the fall I will be attending McGill University studying Civil Engineering. I love being at the pool, and have been swimming my whole life. I swam one winter for DDO, and have played water polo for many years. I also play football, basketball, rugby and downhill ski. I had an outstanding first summer at Ecclestone and look forward to making this one even better! I can’t wait for Summer 2012 at Eccelstone Pool! See you all soon.
Amanda – Senior Lifeguard
AmandaHey everyone I’m Amanda and this is will be my third summer guarding at Ecclestone and this summer I’ll be working as a senior guard. I’m currently studying Sciences at John Abbott. I winter swam at Pointe-Claire pool for ten years and I have had a lot of fun coaching the swim team for the past two summers. I’ve been having a great time at Ecclestone and can’t wait for this summer to start and to see everyone again, I’m really excited for a great summer!
Zach – Junior Lifeguard
ZachHey everyone! My name is Zach Pilling and this will be my first summer working at Ecclestone. I am graduating from Beaconsfield High School in June and will be going into the Science program at John Abbott College in the fall. I grew up at Valleycrest pool where I spent every day of the summer at. I was on the swim team, the diving team and even the water polo team. I’ve also been swimming competitively at D.D.O for the past 9 years. I can’t wait to be lifeguarding and I’m very excited to meet everyone. This will be the best summer yet! See you soon!
Jenny – Junior Lifeguard
JennyHey everyone! I’m Jenny and this will be my first summer working at Ecclestone Pool and my first year guarding. I will be graduating from Collège Sainte-Marcelline and will be attending John Abbott College next year in Social Science. I did winter synchro for 2 years at Beaconsfield and have now done 6 years at Dollard. During the winter I do synchro and skiing. I love spending all of my summers outside at the pool. I can’t wait to meet everyone and have an amazing summer with you all. J
Anthony – Junior Lifeguard
Hi guys! My name is Anthony I’m 16 and I’m gonna join the ECC crew this summer as a Junior Guard. I’ve spent every summer for as long as I remember at an outdoor pool, but this is my first as a life guard. I’ve been playing water-polo for 3 years at DDO now but I also play football, rugby and I snowboard during the winter. I’m currently in Sec 4 at Loyola High School, and I can’t wait to spend a fantastic summer at Ecclestone!!
Sam – Junior Lifeguard
SamHey guys!  My name is Sam and this year is gonna be my first year at ECC!  Last summer I guarded at an Alps pool called Lakeside and loved it!  For years I have been part of the pool life having swam and played water polo for all my life.  I will be graduating from Loyola High School this June and will be going to Marianopolis in the Law, Justice and Society program.  I can’t wait to meet everyone and have an awesome summer at ECC!
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