Our staff 2014

Our staff for the 2014 summer

Michael – Manager
 michaelHello Ecclestone!! It’s that time of year again and I’m excited for another great summer at ECC. This will be my seventh summer working at Ecclestone and this year I will be Managing. I look forward to the nail-bitting swim meets, the wacky fun days, the impressive diving competitions and those sunny afternoons that make summer the best time of year!! I can’t wait to have another fun filled summer with the returning and new additions to our Ecclestone family!
Keli – Assistant Manager
 Keli2Hello ECC! The snow has finally melted away which can only mean one thing… it is finally SUMMER! It will be my 6th summer working at ECC and this year I am coming back as Assistant Manager. From the Wednesday night swim meets, to the yummy smelling barbecues and fun days, it is sure to be an amazing summer. I can’t wait to see the returning faces and can’t wait to meet the new members. Get ready for an exciting summer ahead ECC family, I have a feeling it will be a good one!!!
Madi – Assistant Manager
 MadiHey ECC! Are you guys ready for summer because I know I am! This will be my sixth summer at ECC and I will be an Assistant manager! I cannot wait for another great summer filled with fun activities, swim meets, synchronized swimming competitions and so much more! I am so excited to see all the familiar faces as well as some new ones! Let’s make this summer one to remember! 🙂
Amanda – Senior Supervisor
 AmandaG2013Hey ECC! I’m so happy it’s that time again and I hope you’re all ready for an amazing summer!! I’ll be back for my fifth summer at Ecclestone and will be returning as Senior Supervisor. I am home from my first year of school at the University of Toronto and I can’t wait for summer to start and to see all the familiar faces and get to know some new ones! Hope you’re all as excited as I am for days in the sun, swim team, meets and all the great activities we’re going to have! 2014 will be the best summer yet!
Erin – Senior Supervisor
ErinWhat’s up ECC?! My name is Erin and this will be my first summer working at Ecclestone as a senior supervisor! I can’t wait to meet everyone and to start an amazing summer! I’ve played water polo for the past five years for DDO and I am currently a student at John Abbott College. I’m so excited for the fun days and the barbecues! I’ve heard amazing things about Ecclestone so I can’t wait to experience it all!!
Jenny – Senior
 Jenny HEY ECC FAMILY! Jenny here! Hope y’all had a fantastic winter, BUT SUMMER IS FINALLY HERE! I’ll be working at Ecclestone for my third summer and I’ll be a senior guard! Prepare yourselves guys cause it’s finally time to put away those snow suits and switch it up to sunscreen and bathing suits!! Can’t wait for another incredible summer filled with Thursday fun days playing horse, rubber ducky swims, family BBQs, and meets! I hope to see all your familiar faces soon because summer is just around the corner!
Zachary – Senior
 ZachHey ECC! My name is Zach and I’m returning for my third summer as a senior lifeguard! I just completed my second year at Abbott where I studied Sciences and guarded at the pool. In the fall, I will be attending Concordia University pursuing a bachelor of science specializing in Environmental Science. I’m currently finishing up my eleventh year competitively swimming at D.D.O. and I’m ready to share my experience with another excellent group of swimmers and divers! I can’t wait to meet the old and the new members, organize fun activities and hang out at the pool every day! See you all soon!
Amanda – Intermediate
Hi Ecclestone! My name is Amanda and I will be an intermediate this summer. It’s my second year lifeguarding but my first year working at ECC! Before I started lifeguarding I swam at Pointe Claire pool for four years and Ecclestone was where i would spend all of my time in the summer. Last summer I wasn’t able to lifeguard because I was in Argentina doing volunteer work. I am back and happier than ever to rejoin the ECC family. I’m just finishing my first year at John Abbott College in social sciences. In my spare time I like to ski, spend time with my friends and family, watch movies and travel. I am looking forward to seeing everyone soon!
Erica – Intermediate
 EricaHey guys! Summer 2014 is coming up fast and I can already tell it is going to be awesome! It’s going to be packed with some great times and I can’t wait to see all the old and new faces. Grab your cap and goggles, it’s about to start and you won’t want to miss it because this one is going to be one for the books!
Grace – Junior
 GraceHey Ecclestone! My name is Grace, I’m 16 years old and this will be my first summer working at ECC as a junior! Before Ecclestone, I swam at Westminster pool for many years and can’t wait to be a part of the ECC family! I’ve been playing water polo at DDO for 4 years and swam at DDO for 4 years as well and am so excited to get to coach and get all you members to join these teams! I can’t wait for summer 2014 and am looking forward to seeing you all!
Melanie – Junior
 MelanieHey everyone! My name is Melanie and this will be my first summer at ECC. I am more than excited to meet all of the wonderful members and be part of such a great staff! I am currently finishing up my tenth year swimming competitively for Dollard and my last year in high school. I will be attending John Abbott College in the fall. I have spent every one of my summers at Fairview Pool taking part in swim team, diving, synchronized swimming and leaders. I can’t wait to coach an amazing group of swimmers. See you all very soon 🙂
Jade Perle – Junior
JadePerleHey ECC, my name is Jade Perle and I will be a Junior Lifeguard this summer! It is my first summer working at Ecclestone and I am very excited to start off this incredible journey with all of you. I am currently finishing my last year of high school and can’t wait to spend my 12th grade at the German school for one more final year. I have been swimming at Pointe-Claire pool for many years and lifeguarding for almost two. I am also very eager to meet everyone that is part of the Ecclestone family and also to be able to work with such an incredible staff! I hope everyone is ready for an amazing summer! See you all at the pool!
Caitlin – Junior
CaitlinHey everyone, my name is Caitlin and this will be my first summer at ECC. For as long as I can remember I have been swimming at Fairview pool doing swim team and leaders, I also swam competitively at DDO for 9 years. I am so excited to meet all the members of the ECC family and work with such an amazing staff. I hope you are all ready for a summer packed with fun days and great activities, because this is going to be a great one!
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