Bronze Medallion & Cross FAQ

What is the Bronze Medallion course?
The Bronze Medallion is a water-safety course that teaches the importance of four lifesaving principles – judgment, knowledge, skill and fitness. Swimmers learn water rescue methods while improving their endurance and stroke technique.

Is Bronze Medallion the same as Bronze Cross?
No. You must have passed the Bronze Medallion exam to take the Bronze Cross course. The Bronze Cross is designed for those who intend on becoming lifeguards. The course is more advanced and physically demanding.

Who can sign up?
In order to take the Bronze Medallion course, you must be 13 years of age by the date of the exam. You must have passed the Bronze Medallion exam to take the Bronze Cross course.

Can I sign up for both courses?
No. The courses run simultaneously.

How long are the Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross courses?
Each course is 18-20 hours long and runs for six weeks. The courses are held twice-a-week and each class is 1 hour-and-a -half long. Classes are held both in and out of the water. See our website for the schedule.

When do the courses start?
The courses start the week of June 30th and run until the week of August 4th.

Is attendance mandatory for all classes?
The maximum number of classes you can miss is four.

Are the classes in English or French?
The classes are primarily in English but the exam can be written in either language.

When is the exam?
The exact date is not yet decided but it will be within the first three weeks of August. The written exam takes about an hour to complete. There is also a practical test. An examiner from another pool runs the final practical exam and decides who passes.

Is the cost included in my pool membership?
There is a $33.90 fee to take either exam. Students who don’t pass the exam or who don’t take the exam don’t pay. The Canadian Lifesaving Manual can be purchased through the Lifesaving Society or at some indoor pools. It’s recommended but not required. Bring a notebook and pen to class.

Where can I get more information on Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross?
The Lifesaving Society website has lots of information ( and is also informative. Contact them to obtain information on their French manual.

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