Swim Team


Our ‘Big Meet’ 2008 Gold-Medal Winning 9-10 Relay Team

Team practices begin on the first day of lessons and are every weekday. Please see the swim team schedule below for exact times. Meets are held every Wednesday evening.

The Coaches

Head Coach: TBA

Age GroupsScheduleCoaches
8 and underMon-Fri noon-12:45pmTBA
9 & 10Mon-Fri noon-12:45pmTBA
11 & 12Mon-Fri 12:45–1:30pmTBA
13 +Mon-Fri 12:45–1:30pmTBA

2016 Dual meets (Division A)

See the calendar.

Time Trials Division A:

See the calendar.

Big Meet:

See the calendar.

Summer Swimmers Meet:

See the calendar.

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