Our Staff 2013

Ashley – Manager
Hi everyone, my name is Ashley! This year will be my sixth summer here at ECC and I will be returning as Manager. I am currently attending Bishop’s University in the English Literature program. I was a competitive diver for the CAMO diving team for many years. Since my junior summer at Ecclestone I have been coaching the diving team and cannot wait to do it again! I look forward to seeing all our returning members and to meet all the new ones! I can’t wait to make another summer’s worth of memories!
Tara – Assistant Manager
Hey everyone! I’m Tara and I’m back for my sixth summer at Ecclestone as Assistant Manager. I just finished my first year at Bishop’s University in the accounting program. I winter swam for many years, I absolutely love swimming and I cannot wait to come back and coach some swim team again! I’m counting down the days to another great summer and cannot wait to see everyone!
Michael – Assistant Manager
Hello Ecclestone! My name is Michael, and this will be my sixth summer working at Ecclestone. I am 20 years old and just completed my first year of Chemical Engineering at McGill. Swimming has always been my favourite sport. I am looking forward to another summer of awesome Wednesday night swim meets and having Big Meet at ECC! So let’s have a blast this summer at all of the weekend events, fun days, competitions, and BBQs. I can’t wait to see you all!
Amanda – Senior Supervisor
Hey guys! I’m Amanda and this is will be my fourth summer guarding at ECC and I’m returning as a Senior Supervisor. I’m finishing up my last year at John Abbott and in the fall I will be going to the University of Toronto in Human Biology. I’ve spent all my life at the pool having winter swam at Pointe-Claire for ten years and then swimming on the John Abbott swim team after that. I have had an amazing time coaching the swim team for the past three summers and am super excited for a fourth! I can’t wait to get this summer started and see everyone!
Adam – Senior Supervisor
Hi guys! My name is Adam and this is going to be my third summer at ECC. I am going to be coming back this year as a Senior Supervisor. I’m 20 years old and currently finishing my first year at McGill University where I am studying Civil Engineering. I love being at the pool, and have been swimming my whole life. I swam one winter for DDO, and have played water polo for many years. I also play football, basketball, rugby and downhill ski. My past two summers at Eccelstone were amazing and I look forward to making this one even better! I can’t wait for Summer 2013 at Eccelstone Pool! See you all soon.
Keli – Senior Supervisor
Hey everyone 🙂 My name is Keli and this will be my fifth summer at ECC as a senior supervisor. I did swimming for a couple of years and moved onto synchro which I have been doing for 11 years now at the elite level. I am currently in my second year at John Abbott College. I have so many amazing memories from the previous years at Ecclestone and can’t wait to make some new ones! I am excited to see everybody again and to meet the new members joining the ECC family! Let’s make this a great summer!
Madi – Senior Supervisor
Hi everyone! I’m Madi and it will be my fifth summer working at ECC as a senior supervisor. I have just graduated John Abbott College and will be attending University in the fall. I am really excited to come back this summer and coach an awesome synchro team!! I had a lot of fun last summer and can’t wait for a great summer this year!!
Anthony – Intermediate
Hey guys! I’m Anthony I’m 17 and this will be my second summer at ECC. I’ve spent every summer for as long as I remember at an outdoor pool, but none of them were as fun as last year spending every day at the pool. I’ve been playing water-polo for 5 years at DDO now but I also play football, basketball and I snowboard during the winter. I’m currently in my graduating year at Loyola High School, and I can’t wait to spend another fantastic summer at Ecclestone!! See y’all soon!
Zach – Intermediate
Hey Ecclestoners! My name is Zach and this being my second year; I’m prepared to have a summer of a lifetime! I just completed my first year at Abbott where I studied Sciences and guarded at the pool. I’m currently finishing up my tenth year competitively swimming at D.D.O and I’m ready to share my experience with another excellent group of swimmers and divers! I can’t wait to meet the old and the new members, come up with crazy psych-outs and dance to the cha-cha slide all over again! See you soon!
Jenny – Intermediate
HEY ECC! I’m Jenny and this will be my second summer working at Ecclestone and I’ll be coming back as an intermediate guard. I swam at Valleycrest pool for many summers and I did winter synchro at Beaconsfield and Dollard for 8 years. I just finished my first year at John Abbott in the Social Science program. I like to ski, swim, and spend time outside. I’m so excited to have another incredible summer with you all and to see everyone and meet new members! See you guys in a couple of weeks and get ready for an amazing summer!
Sam – Intermediate
Hey guys! My name is Sam and this year is going to be my second summer at ECC! I’m going to be coming back as an Intermediate Lifeguard. I’m currently 17 years old and will be continuing my studies at Marianopolis in the Law, Justice and Society program. I have been part of the pool life ever since I was a child, having been part of the swim team and the water polo team. I had an amazing summer last year and can’t wait to make this one even better! I can’t wait to see everyone again and have an awesome summer at ECC!
Erica – Junior
Hey, I’m Erica, I am 16 years old and this is my first year working as a junior and I’m super excited to be joining the ECC family. I’ve spent every summer all day at a pool and I had always looked up to my lifeguards and knew I wanted to become a lifeguard like them. I have played a lot of different sports but I have been playing about four years of winter water polo and I can’t wait to coach it this summer. I’ve done one year of winter diving and have done diving team, synchro, and swim team every summer and hope to see a lot of participants. I’m super excited for the summer to start and to meet everybody, see you this summer!
Claudia – Junior
Hey Ecc! I’m Claudia and I’m so excited to be joining the staff this summer. It’s my second year lifeguarding but first year at Ecclestone. I’m also a lifeguard at Pointe Claire pool and I swam with Beaconsfield synchro for three years. I’m graduating this year from Queen of Angels Academy and will be attending John Abbott College next year! I can’t wait for summer 2013 to coach, teach and get to know everyone at Ecclestone pool!

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