Photos of 2007

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To view photos from the 2007 season, click on the title of the event below. Most are supplied by ECC member Kevin McCormack, with contributions from other parents and friends.

ECC Opening Barbecue
June 23, 2007
ECC Morning Swimming Lessons
July 2, 2007
U-14 Girls Waterpolo Game at Glenmore
July 2, 2007
ECC Mini-Olympics & Pig Roast
July 7, 2007
First Swim Meet of the Season: @ ECCvs. Briarwood (no longer online)
July 4, 2007
(photos by Chris Vandersluis)
Halloween in July
July 13, 2007
(photos by Cara Doucette
& Sam Colby)
ECC at the Synchro A Prelims
July 29, 2007
(photos by Chris Vandersluis)
Fear Factor Friday
August 3, 2007
(photos by Brenda Bedard)
ECC at the B section Time Trials
August 5, 2007
(photos by Brenda Bedard & Chris Vandersluis)
Pre-Junior Synchro Team finishes 5th
August 6, 2007
(photos by Cara Doucette)
Swim Team Fun Day
July, 2007
(photos by Sam Colby & friends)
Lip Synch Night PLUS
July, 2007
(photos by Cathy McMurray)
Swim Meet #3: ECC @ Versailles
July 11, 2007
(photos by Kevin McCormack)
Waterpolo: ECC vs. Sunnybrooke
July 23, 2007
(photos by Kevin McCormack)
The Big Meet
August 11, 2007
(photos by Kevin McCormack & Chris Vandersluis)
ECC Awards Night
August 19, 2007
(photos by Kevin McCormack)
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