Ecclestone’s Leader program is an optional program for children ages of 12 and over. It is designed to serve as a volunteer based, pre-lifeguarding job. Through the program, the young adults will learn the skills of leadership, responsibility and organization. Most importantly, the Leaders will develop camaraderie. Clothing for 2016 can be ordered using this form.

Group leader: TBA

Monday @ 1:30pmTBA


  • Must be 12 years of age (on or before September 30th);
  • Must be on a minimum of one Ecclestone team;
  • Must be currently enrolled in Bronze Cross, Bronze Medallion, Bronze Star, or Swimming lessons;
  • Must be willing to help out the lifeguards or committee members upon request.


How will you be learning responsibility, leadership and organizational skills, here is how:

  • The leaders will have regular afternoon and evening gate guarding shifts where they will pleasantly greet the members as they enter. This will enrich their social skills and relationships with the members.
  • The leaders will assist the guards during morning maintenance.
  • Organize and execute activities such as: Car Wash, Teddy Bear Dances, Halloween in July, movie nights, etc…
  • Assist the guards in teaching lessons. This gives invaluable experience when applying for a lifeguarding job in the future.
  • Babysitting children during Aqua fitness.
    Organizing Wednesday BBQs.

This may sound like a lot of responsibility, but rest assured that through well thought out schedules, this will be not as hectic as it may sound.

We hope to have as many Leaders as possible. The more Leaders = more friends, more leaders = less gate guarding shifts, more leaders = more exciting outings! It is a win-win situation for all who join.

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