Entries for 2016

Last day at ECC 2016: August 28th

The last day of the summer at ECC will be on Sunday, August 28th. Come to the pool for one last fun day from 3pm to 8pm and to say goodbye to friends and guards! The BBQ will NOT be on but we will sell pizza ($2.50 for 1 slice, $4 for 2 slices).

Leaders Sleepover Fun

The ECC Leaders went on an overnight stay at Cap St-Jacques on August 22-23. The activity was well organized and the kids were kept under control. They had a fun time and little sleep but can you blame them?

Pictures of the activity can be found HERE.

Awards Night 2016

The rain couldn’t stop our staff in handing out the awards to our members (parents and kids alike) on Sunday, August 21st.

This year’s winner of the Jana Schmitz Award is: Elizabeth Laflamme. We are very proud of her accomplishments and congratulate her on how she demonstrated that she exemplified the values that we all cherish and encourage at ECC!


A big thank you for Monika Schmitz for being present during the award presentation.

Swim-A-Thon year 3 – ECC keeps on giving!

Our Annual Swim-A-Thon was a resounding success! To date, the 2016 Swim-A-Thon has raised more than $2,500 to go to Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation! Congratulations to all swimmers and a big thank you to those who have donated to a good cause. If you havent donated yet, please do so by end of day Sunday, August 28th.

A few pictures can be found HERE.

Waterpolo playoffs affect ECC daytime schedule

On Tuesday, August 9th, ECC will be host to the waterpolo playoffs from 2:30pm until 9:30pm. This means that the pool will be 2/3 closed off, leaving the shallow end open to our members.

Here is the schedule for August 9:

Aug 9 Waterpolo Schedule

Adult party coming up!

The ECC annual Adult Party is coming up on Saturday, August 13th, at 6:30pm. Please buy your tickets in advance at the cantine! The cost is $20 per ticket for supper, drinks and comedy. We always have a blast and this year we are adding some laughs: two comedians will be entertaining us, member Neil Janna and Gino Durante!

Waterpolo Quebec Games results

The ECC girls 16 and under team played an amazing and close game against Glenmore on Sunday, August 7, in which Glenmore came out on top. Great efforts and play by all girls, we are so very proud of you all!

The ECC boys 14 and under team played a fantastic game as well, edging out their competitor to win the Gold medal in the Jeux du Québec! Congratulations to you boys!

Waterpolo 14 and under boys Gold winners!

Synchro Team Preliminaries Completed

On Sunday, July 31st, ECC was the host of the Synchronized Swimming junior and senior team preliminaries. The Mayor of Kirkland came by to show the city’s support and to watch the girls performances. The event went very well and was well received by all. Thank you again to all the volunteers for your hard work before, during and after the competition. Both the Junior and Senior ECC team finished 3rd which is very good as the results are close. There are still a few weeks of practices before they move to the final competition on Monday, August 15th at Thordale for the Juiors, and Wednesday, August 17th at Westpark for the Seniors.
Some pictures can be found here.

A triathlon like no other!

ECC held their own take on a triathlon on Thursday July 27 and it was a success! We dont always fit the mold and so the triathlon was made up of swimming, ‘tough mudder’ (without the mud) and closed off with a little run around the park! All were winners as usual, then followed hotdogs, juice, chips and a quick session of playtime. Who could ask for more?

Thank you to the organizers and volunteers, it was, and I quote, “awesome!”

We wELMcomed them and got ahead early!

On Wednesday, July 27th, we had a fantastic meet against ELM. So much so that we pretty much did what we did the previous week: 552 for ECC to ELM’s 484. Weather was great, swimmers were awesome and we did it all in less than 3 hours!

Thank you all for your great job, keep it up. can you do it again next week?

Another great meet versus GLE!

On Wednesday, July 20th, we had a great and solid meet again against Glenmore. We won the meet with 548 points over Glenmore’s 488 points. The meet ran smoothly and thankfully it was not as warm as the previous meet.

Thank you to all volunteers, swimmers and parents for showing up! Lets see if we can do the same against ELM next week!

Waterpolo 12 and under BRONZE medal for ECC

On the weekend of July 16 and 17, Forest Village held their annual 12 and under waterpolo tournament. Our ECC team finished third with a BRONZE medal! Congratulations to all the players and coaches!

Great and close win over TMR!

On Wednesday, July 13th, we had a great meet against TMR at Ecclestone. It was a tight meet the whole way through and we successfully came out on top with a win of 531 to 529, edging them out on the last relay!

Its always worth staying to the end! Congratulation to all swimmers from both pools and thanks again to all the volunteers and parents for coming out. Let do it again!

Message to our members 2016

As we get set to start another great summer, our committee has put together a little document to give you all a primer for this summer. Its a refresher for some, a new explanation of our programs and what we have in store for you and what we can do for you!

We encourage you all to read at this document. It is available here: Message to Members 2016

Bingo 2016

Ecclestone Pool is getting ready for its first ever Bingo event! Get ready for a fun time as we host a BBQ starting at 12:30 and then move into the Bingo event from 13:30 to 3:30pm. $5 for 5 cards of unlimited Bingo fun. There are prizes to be be won so dont miss this one!

Check it out here: ECC Bingo fun 2016!

Pre-season hours 2016

After a less than stellar week, we are looking at a forecast of better days. This means that we are going to be able to take advantage of the pool soon!

Here are the pre-season hours:

  • Saturday, June 18th and Sunday, June 19th from noon to 8pm
  • Monday to Thursday, June 20th to 23rd, from 3pm to 7pm
  • Friday, June 24th is opening day!

Clean up Day is on the horizon

Mark your calendar, the clean up day will take place on Saturday, June 4th starting at 10am. If you are interested in coming down to the pool to help out, or to find out what’s been fixed and added to the pool, please let us know by emailing us at: ecclestonepool@gmail.com. All are welcome. Note that the pool will NOT be open for swimming, it has yet to be drained, painted and filled up for the season.

Summer is coming, summer is coming…

Registration day is May 15th

Get ready, spring is here (more or less) and we are getting ramped up for summer 2016!

Registration day is set for Sunday, May 15th from 1pm to 3pm. You can get your registration form HERE. Come and join us to meet the staff!

Ecclestone shed’s it!

Early this fall a few of us got together and enjoyed taking the old shed apart down to nothing!


Good thing too, the floor gave way as we we removed the old shed! Out with the old…


… and in with the new! Earlier this week the new shed was put up. More sturdy and giving us more storage room. We will be moving things back over in the coming weeks. Another improvement for us.


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